Sunday, 20 November 2016

台 湾 之 旅 2016

Here's to our 10 years friendship and still counting trip! x

7days short getaway in 台中 & 台北 ~

Less writing and more photo diaries x


My very first experience with Cathay, I think they serve pretty tasty meal.
Get to eat twice! 
1st meal -> From PEN to HK
2nd meal (snack) -> From HK to TW 

As soon as we touch down, we went to change local sim card (can't live without internet nowadays)
and purchase our 悠游卡 (can use to take bus, MRT, 7-11 etc.)

We then took 高铁, meet up with our driver and depart all the way to our 台中 stay at 艾菲尔。

After settle down with our luggages, all we can think about is F O O D without hesitation. 

Taichung : Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市

This is our very stop. One of the must eat list - 官芝霖大肠包小肠. If you ask about my personal comment, well, I think it taste nice and had it try once is enough. Oops. 
Speaking of night market, you can't miss fried chicken, bubble milk tea, dumplings and so forth. 
If you want to try variety, always go with a bunch of friends and share among each other! 


Breakfast at 来来豆浆, I think they have branches at Taipei. All I can say is 很好吃。
I'm not a morning person, but there is always exception when it comes to travel. 
Do try the famous home made soy drinks! 

Next visit spots - 妖怪村,日月潭, 18度C 巧克力,清境




One night stay at Jing Sheng Villa, 景聖山莊.

Qing Jing Farm, 清境农场

Carton King Creativity Park, 紙箱王創意主題園區


Zhong She Flower Market, 中社觀光花市

"Where flowers bloom so does hope" x 


九分 & 十分

Our lunch at Jiu Fen - cheap, big and delicious, all in one. 
Crowds were huge at Jiu Fen as it is one of the tourist spots and the weather is relatively hot. 
Wearing long sleeves? No way, it was a bad idea at all! T shirts + shorts is good enough.

When we talk about Shih Fen, you can't miss sky lantern!
I guess due to the season now, the days are shorter in Taiwan -日短夜長!
Take a look on below during noon and evening (approx 5:30pm).
It is however astonishing beautiful!



Taipei Xi Men Ding, 西門町

I like our stay here in DB Apartment, 喜門名宿, 
walkable distance to Xi Men Ding shopping district. 
The room ambience is cozy and artsy! 
Two floors style - living room/washroom at the bottom, sleeping area located upstairs.

Dan Shui Old Street, 淡水老街

A place to walk and shop. Weather is still hot in Taipei during our visit. 

Bei Tou Hot Spring Park, 北投溫泉親水公園

We just had a stroll and sight seeing in Bei Tou, and a little bit of Pokemon Go. 
I'm not kidding, there were at least 8 pokestop with lure modules 'ON'. 
Again, the weather is too hot to go for hot spring.

Had enough of night market snacks and braised pork rice, we decided to go Japanese style.
Oishi desu!


Taipei 101, 誠品信義區, 五分埔, 饒河街觀光夜市

What more can I say? Shopaholic in action!

Little new friend at Wu Fen Pu !


Lungshan Temple, 龍山寺

They say it is one of the largest and oldest temples in Taiwan, so here we are for praying on health,wealth, love, peace etc.... 
But all I can remember was my friend had a reply "Ki Kua Lo Kun" when she asked about health issue.  We laughed so hard and that became topic of the day. 

Zhong Xiao East Road, 忠孝東路, Xi Men Ding

Final shopping/eating project before we left Taipei.



Until next time.... x

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